A number of fee packages are available for the Summer School.

All fee packages include tuition costs, the social programme, and your chosen accommodation option. 

Costs are listed per week. To calculate your total cost, select your package type, then multiply this cost by the number of weeks in your course.

e.g. A student selecting a Silver package for a 4-week course in June, with no discount, would calculate:

£776 x 4 weeks = £3104 total cost

A student selecting a Bronze package (no accommodation) for a 4-week course in June, with no discount, would calculate:

£593 x 4 weeks = £2372 total cost

Package Accommodation type Accommodation price per week Tuition fees per week*

Total price per week


Platinum Catered (private bathroom) £560 £593 £1153
Gold Catered (shared bathroom) £364 £593 £957
Silver Self-catered (shared bathroom)  £183 (June & July), £210 (August) £593 £776/£803
Bronze (no accommodation) n/a n/a £593 £593




Pre- University Course

Please note that a different fee structure applies to the Preparing for University courses. For more information, please visit the Fees tab on the Pre-University: Social Sciences course page.



To secure your place at the Summer School, you will be required to pay a deposit of £250 (for credit courses) or £125 (for non-credit courses). This deposit can be reclaimed towards your fee package.

The deposit includes a £50 non-refundable application fee. 


Special rates

* A 10% discount on tuition fees is available for students from valued partner institutions of the University of Edinburgh. 

** A 15% early bird discount available if you book your course before the end of January.