Staying safe

Edinburgh is generally a safe city for students but, as with travel to any new city, there are some precautions that you can take to ensure that you're as safe as can be. 

While travelling

  • Take special care of your passport, visa and travel documents
  • Keep a photocopy or scan of your passport and any visa stamps in case it gets lost
  • Don’t carry large amounts of cash, and keep any money that you do carry hidden in a secure place on your person. Don’t put cash or other valuables in your check-in luggage
  • Label your luggage clearly so that it can be sent to you if it gets lost
  • If you are travelling on your own and you need to sleep, try using your hand luggage as a pillow so you will wake if anyone tries to tamper with it
  • Use padlocks to lock the zips on your bags and cases

In your accommodation

  • Keep your bank cards safe and separate from your pin numbers
  • Keep your windows and doors closed and locked when you go out, even if you will only be out for a short time, and close your curtains or blinds at night
  • Keep your valuables out of sight of windows
  • Make a list of your belongings, including the make, model and serial numbers. Take photographs of your valuable - they may be needed for insurance purposes if anything is damaged or stolen
  • Always ask unknown callers for identification (ID) before allowing them to enter your home. Anyone from the University, City Council, or gas and electric companies will be able to show you their ID
  • Make sure there is a smoke alarm in your accommodation and test it regularly

Moving around the city

  • Don't walk home alone at night. Plan your journey in advance, and try to stay with friends
  • Tell a friend where you are going, and when to expect you back. If your plans change, let them know
  • If you are left on your own, stay in well-lit areas with other people around you
  • If you are in a bar or nightclub, don’t leave your drink unattended
  • Keep your money secure and out of sight
  • Be aware of your surroundings