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Beyond Edinburgh: What to See in Scotland


Edinburgh’s pretty great, but don’t forget to explore. From the Borders to the Highlands and Islands, Scotland has some incredible countryside, fascinating history, and lots to do. Add these places to your ‘must see’ list and check them off over the summer. 


Often joked about as Edinburgh’s rival, Glasgow packs a pretty impressive cultural punch itself, from the Kelvingrove Art Gallery to the city’s vibrant music scene. From folk to classical, heavy metal to indie acoustic, there’s no genre you can’t dance - or headbang - along to. The Glasgow Museum of Modern Art, otherwise known as GoMA, is an essential stop for any culture vulture.

Rosslyn Chapel

You might know it from The Da Vinci Code, this 15th century Catholic chapel has an impressive real-life history as well as being one of the most beautiful buildings in the country. Just don’t get it confused with the Roslin Institute, where scientists cloned Dolly the Sheep!

Craigmillar Castle

We're sure you’re already planning on visiting the famous Edinburgh Castle. But don’t stop there - a mile outside the old city boundaries stands Craigmillar Castle, and you can get one of the most stunning views of the city from its tower. Mary Queen of Scots used it as a safe haven, and if the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh is getting to you - or if you’ve challenged your cousin to the English throne - then there’s no better place to hide out for a while.

Pentland Hills

You can see these from the city, but nothing quite prepares you for the beauty of the Pentland Hills Regional Park (pictured above). Start off at the Flotterstone Inn before blowing away the cobwebs - and make sure you end up there, for something to eat or a pint of their very good real ale.

East Lothian beaches

Sure, there’s Portobello and you can even dip your toes in the water at Newhaven Harbour, but if you want a real beach then head over to North Berwick in East Lothian and enjoy the sun, sea and sand. Situated next to Edinburgh, and served by some of the city’s bus routes, you can enjoy 40 miles of incredible coastline and award-winning beaches, trying your hand at kayaking, kitesurfing and sailing, or just splashing around and making sandcastles.

There's so much to do and see in Scotland whilst studying your Summer School. Still making summer plans? Take a look at our Courses page and see what's available this summer >