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How to get around Edinburgh


Visiting Scotland can be a culture shock - even if you’re only coming from south of the border. Luckily, you’ll find us a friendly city used to students and tourists year round. But if you want to prepare yourself, check out our handy tips for getting around the city.


Drive on the left

Don’t forget which side of the road to drive on! It’s a small thing, but it makes a big difference, so be extra vigilant when you’re behind the wheel. If you're crossing the street, remember to look both ways too!

Or catch the bus

If you don’t drive - and in a city this small, you don’t really need to - you’ll find that Edinburgh boasts some pretty good public transport. You can get from the station or the airport to where you’re living, go from your classes to the bars on George Street and even get a bit further out to beauty spots like Colinton Dell or the Pentlands

…or the tram

We’ll be honest, trams are still a bit of a sore point for most residents. They went massively over budget, the tracks took longer to build than anyone had expected, and you can get to the same place on the bus. But even the hardest tram sceptic among us would have to admit that they’re pretty cool - more spacious than the bus, easier to get on and off, and somehow they feel a bit space age. Even if you only take the trip to and from the airport, it’s worth it.

Fare enough

The good news is that getting around the city is pretty cheap - a single bus ticket is just £1.70 and a day ticket is £4.00, which is handy if you’re hopping on and off buses. The bad news? The drivers only accept the exact amount and can’t give change, so make sure you have enough coins - or download the mobile app, buy digital tickets and just wave your phone at the driver as you alight.

Uber cool

You’ll notice plenty of black cabs around the city, and plenty of local taxi firms have apps so you can book one with your phone. We also have Uber, and no matter where you go the prices tend to be pretty reasonable.

Walk it off

At the end of the day, Edinburgh is a beautiful city so what better way to see it than by walking? Although there are some steep hills and the cobbles definitely aren’t suitable for heels, a pair of sensible shoes and a sense of adventure will take you everywhere you need to go.


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