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Summer in Scotland? It’s not as grey as it sounds!



When you think about travelling in the summer, you might envision beaches, picnics in historic grounds or a cultured city break taking museums and art galleries. You might not picture Scotland - but Edinburgh has all those things and more, making it the perfect base for an inspiring summer of studying.

Learn A Thing Or Two

The University of Edinburgh is one of the world’s oldest and most renowned universities. Students who come here for their undergraduate, postgraduate and evening courses benefit from world-class teaching from experts in a wide variety of fascinating subjects. Your education might not stop outside the classroom, but during teaching hours you can soak up knowledge, challenge yourself and debate some of the most important topics of the day - and we bet you’ll go home with as many memories of the course as you do of all the fun you’ll have off-campus.

Get Enlightened

One of the many reasons the Edinburgh is so popular with students both from the UK and abroad is its rich cultural history. From the Enlightenment to the Fringe, it’s nurtured new ideas and talent and inspired works of classic literature. Wander around the city and you’ll understand what inspired JK Rowling to invent Hogwarts here. We might not have a potions lab or a philosopher’s stone, but we do have the birthplace of modern medicine and more statues of Adam Smith than you can shake a wand at.

Become a Culture Vulture

And then there’s the festivals. From film to jazz, with the largest book festival in the world taking place around the corner from the training grounds for future big names of comedy, you’ll never be at a loss for something to do.

In fact, Edinburgh is a cultural hub all year round - and it’s got the credentials to prove it. In 2002, some of the city’s literati decided that Edinburgh and cities that it needed to be celebrated world-wide for their rich history of and current commitment to literary endeavours. They approached UNESCO and drew up a plan to connect some of the world’s most literary cities, with Edinburgh being the first one to be awarded the designation UNESCO City of Literature. No surprise, when you consider that even our train station is named after a novel.


But it’s not all art and culture - Edinburgh has had its fair share of scientific discoveries, too. Dolly the Sheep was cloned at the Roslin Institute here, Sir John Crofton developed a cure for tuberculosis and even the precursor to Coca Cola was invented in the city. Appropriately, there are plenty of places to go if you fancy a scientific day trip - why not try Dynamic Earth and learn more about the planet, or indulge your love of environmental science with a visit to the beautiful Botanic Gardens?

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