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What to Pack for Your Trip to Edinburgh


To make your summer in Edinburgh as enjoyable and stress-free as possible, you might want to make a handy checklist of things to bring, remember and do. Read our top tips for what to pack when visiting Edinburgh.

Unpredictable summer weather

We’d love to tell you that it will be sunny and warm from the moment you step foot on Scottish soil till the moment you leave, but we’d be lying. The truth is, our weather can vary day by day - or even hour by hour. That’s why you’ll need to bring a lightweight raincoat, an umbrella and at least one jumper. And just to be sure, you should bring at least one of those things with you everywhere you go… And even if it doesn’t look sunny, always remember to wear sunscreen.


You can get your money changed at the airport, but it might be easier to do it before you travel. Scotland uses the pound, although our notes sometimes look slightly different to the ones you might get in England, with famous figures from Scottish history printed on them. Despite what some English shop owners will try and tell you, it’s all legal tender across the UK.


Although a few places will have continental or US-style plugs, most will need the British three pin style. Luckily, adaptors are easy to find online or at the airport. And since nearly all our cafes have both wifi and plug sockets, you’ll be able to charge your devices anywhere you go. Don’t forget to check your phone plan’s roaming data charge!

Get the Lingo

If English isn’t your first language, a phrase book or app might come in handy. Bookmark or screenshot pages that you’ll need in an emergency - there’s nothing worse than trying to communicate essential information in a language you don’t speak. Pick up a Scots phrasebook while you’re at it, and join in with the local dialect. Quick tip - ‘pal’ means mate, ‘scunnered’ means tired and if someone’s ‘radge’, you’re best steering clear of them.

Travel insurance

Just in case, you never know what might happen. It's always really important to have adequate travel insurance. Check out our Useful Information page for more information about travel insurance. 

Physical map

We’ve all been there - trying to navigate a strange city when your phone dies. While the locals are always happy to point you in the right direction, an A-Z or similar map will always come in handy. It doesn’t even have to be recent - crime writer Oscar de Muriel, whose Edinburgh-set Victorian novels are hugely popular with residents and tourists alike, claims he can get around the city by just using a map from 1880! You might want to pick up something more recent, though.


You know how you’re getting to Edinburgh, but what then? Make sure you have a plan in place to get from the airport or station to where you’re staying. It can be a bus, a tram or a taxi, but you’ll have a much more relaxing flight if you plan ahead. Make sure you download the Lothian Transport app before you arrive. You can buy tickets on your phone, get live updates and map your route. Download the app here > 

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